Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Retro Red Fox
  2. Cocker Spaniel Dog in a Blue and Orange Ray Circle
  3. Male Carpet Cleaner over a Lined Half Circle
  4. Retro Male Volleyball Player and Net
  5. Profiled White Male Farmer with a Pitchfork in a Mountian Shield
  6. Red Legal Blind Justice and Scales in a Blue Oval
  7. Fishing Man and Boat
  8. Retro Knight and Steed over a Banner
  9. Male Captain with a Ship Helm
  10. Orange and White Tiger Head
  11. Blue Credit Debit Card
  12. Knight on Horseback Spearing a Snake
  13. Tough Bulldog Face and Spiked Collar
  14. Retro Male Police Officer over an American Triangle
  15. Red Razorback Pig
  16. Batting Cartoon White Male Baseball Player