Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Hit Toon

  1. Happy Businessman with a Briefcase and Cup of Hot and Steamy Caffeinated Coffee, Heading to His Office
  2. Lucky Professional Businessman in Brown, Carrying a Leather Briefcase and Walking to the Office
  3. Happy Wasted Businesswoman Drinking Cocktails and Dancing at an Office Party
  4. Happy Pleased Guy with Lipstick Smooches All over His Face, Holding a Bottle of Liquor at a Bachelor Party
  5. Gray Professional Elephant Business Guy in a Hat and Suit, Carrying a Briefcase to Work and Waving
  6. Green Professional Monster with Yellow Spots, Wearing a Business Suit and Hat and Carrying a Briefcase to Work
  7. Excited Happy Yellow Number Two Pencil with an Eraser Tip Character Smiling and Holding Student Papers
  8. Excited Creative Thinking Businessman in a Green Suit and a Lighbulb over His Head
  9. Black Boxer Businessman with a Black Eye and Missing Teeth
  10. Drunk New Years Party Man with Beer
  11. Frog Waiter Holding a Cloche over a Blank Banner
  12. Black and White Grumpy Boss Pointing to a Decrease Board
  13. Black and White Number One Guy Carrying a Briefcase or Suitcase
  14. Happy Male Plumber and Mechanics
  15. Black and White Talking Businessman Giving a Thumb up
  16. Caucasian Businessman Holding a Giant Dollar Bill
  17. Welcome Chef Face Circle
  18. Happy Salesman Holding a Contractual Agreement