Royalty Free Stock Clipart by Tonis Pan

  1. Frustrated, Annoyed Businesswoman Leaning Her Head Back and Rolling Her Eyes at the Ceiling While Inspecting an Office and Reviewing Employees
  2. Evil Devil Boss Man in a Purple Suit, Holding out a Contract for an Employee to Sign Away Their Soul
  3. Frustrated, Stressed and Overwhelmed Businessman Typing Away on His Laptop at His Desk, Surrounded by Stacks of Files
  4. Chill, Relaxed Businessman Leaning Back in His Chair with His Feet up by His Laptop Computer on His Desk, Holding a Cup of Hot Coffee and Chatting on the Phone
  5. Multitasking Busy Businessman Walking on a Sidewalk and Answering a Call with a Weird Robotic Phone with Satellites
  6. Evil Snake Businessman with One Hand in His Pocket, Slithering His Silver Tongue and Reaching out to Shake Hands
  7. Proud Businessman in a Blue Suit and Red Tie, Standing Against an Orange Background and Holding the Planet Earth High Above His Head, Symbolizing Success
  8. Chilly Cold Blue Ice Hand and a Red Hot Hand Gripped in a Handshake
  9. Pair of Two Mechanical Circuit Robot Hands, One Tan, One Green, Shaking Hands
  10. 3d Group of People Standing on a Target
  11. Shiny Blue Glass Futuristic Hand Holding a Blank Business Card, over a White Background
  12. 3d Red Group Standing on a Target, Surrounded by Gray Groups